Canadian keynote speaker Helen Wilkie

Communicate and succeed!
Communicate and prosper!

These are the words of Canadian business keynote speaker
Helen Wilkie, whose expertise, passion and obsession is communication.

Why should you book Helen Wilkie, Canadian keynote speaker on communication, for your next event?

Because she will show your attendees communication as they've never seen it before.
Because for possibly the first time, they will understand the direct connection between communication and the bottom line, as well as their own career success.
Because her lively, upbeat style and polished platform presence will enhance their conference experience, and make you -- the meeting planner -- look great!

Watch the short video below for a sample of Helen live onstage.

Who is Helen Wilkie?

A dynamic, enthralling keynote speaker. Whether your event is a small conference with 50 people in the audience or a convention for thousands, Helen Wilkie will deliver a message that makes them think, sets the tone or sends them off on a high note. Helen loves the big platform-and audiences love her.
A lively, engaging workshop leader. Whether she's leading a concurrent session at your conference or an in-house workshop at your company, Helen rolls up her sleeves and dives right in! With her encouragement and friendly prodding, her session attendees work hard, learn a lot, and have fun in the process.
An empathetic coach. Whether you have a manager or executive who needs help with the creation and delivery of a high-stakes presentation, a valued employee whose writing skills need polishing, or even someone who is having problems working with others on the team, one-on-one coaching sessions with Helen will help them achieve these goals.
A prolific author. Besides her books, Message Received and Understood!, The Hidden Profit Center, 101 Grammar Gaffes and How to Correct Them and Communications for Legal Professionals, her booklets, audio and video programs, Helen's articles have been published in a wide range of print publications across North America, not to mention the Internet (where she is constantly surprised at where her articles turn up!).

"Communication is the lifeblood of your organization, and if it stops flowing freely and efficiently, your organization will die." Helen Wilkie

Helen is an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) (a sister organization to the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the Global Speakers Federation). Her clients include a broad range of organizations, from major multinational corporations to professional and trade associations, professional service firms and government.

A seasoned professional business keynote speaker on communication, Helen is equally comfortable addressing business leaders, middle managers and support staff. In short, whoever is in your audience, Helen has a message for them.