Important presentation coming up? Losing sleep — and possibly hair? You need

Helen’s Presentation Panic Intervention!

You have an important presentation coming up. A lot is riding on it and you need to do well. You know what you want to say (kind of!), but you don’t know how to put it together. The audience is senior executives…or clients…or members of your professional association…or some other group of people who quite frankly intimidate you — even if you are one of those people yourself!

Helen Wilkie Presentation CoachYou need an empathetic coach who has stood in your shoes, conquered those same fears you have now and gone on to become a professional speaker who regularly addresses audiences large and small at conferences across North America. You need Helen Wilkie!

Helen will help you identify the main message you want to get out, and design your presentation so that your audience gets it. If you’re working with PowerPoint or Keynote slides, she’ll help you design them as aids to your presentation instead of sleep aids for your audience. She’ll work with you on a dynamic delivery that will engage your audience from start to finish, and leave them ready to take whatever action you want from them.

Your coaching sessions can take place at your office or over Skype, and Helen is happy to accommodate your short-notice, panic-induced schedule!

Call Helen now at 416-966-5023 — and stop panicking!