Helen’s Keynote Package

When you book Helen Wilkie to deliver a keynote at your conference, you get much more than just a one-hour presentation from the platform. As well as the topic-specific items provided with certain programs, here is what Helen’s Keynote Package includes:

Before the event

  • Telephone conversations with three or more people who will be in the audience to find out what they want and expect from the program
  • Results of the these conversations to be reflected in the keynote content
  • At your option, an article on the keynote topic to be delivered in advance for use in your print or electronic publication

At the event

  • At your option, a concurrent session workshop, either on the keynote topic or another of Helen’s communication topics

After the event

  • At your option about a month after the event, on a date to be mutually agreed, a one-hour webinar for event attendees in which Helen answers any questions they have on the topic

On the individual keynote pages below, you will find additional items included with certain programs.

Feet on the Pedals

Now Go DO It!