You run great conferences, right?

Delegates probably leave your conferences with

• Dozens of innovative ideas from great speakers

• New friends among fellow delegates—and a ton of business cards

• New ways of doing things that could change their lives or revolutionize the way they work

Remember the feedback from your last conference attendees? Remember how they told you about their great plans to take action on what they learned?

But did they DO anything?

Fast forward to their first day back at work:

• 447 email messages!

• 25 minutes of voicemail messages!

• A crisis that couldn’t be handled by anyone else!

• Colleagues who weren’t at the conference and want no part of any new ideas!

Typical result

• Put the file of great stuff on the shelf, promising to get to it first thing tomorrow—oh sure!

• Feel a little let down and frustrated at their colleagues’ lack of enthusiasm

• Get used to it and get on with the job—business as usual

• One day—weeks, months or even years later—find the file and wonder,

   “What the heck is this stuff?”

 What a waste of time, money and—worst of all—opportunity!

But this doesn’t have to happen to your next
conference delegates!

Let Helen Wilkie close your conference on an upbeat! Let her remind delegates of what they might have done in the past, and give them a set of simple tools to help them beat the odds this time—and at every conference they attend in future.

This presentation is a combination of inspiration and practicality. Helen will tailor her talk to what has taken place at the rest of the conference, reiterating key messages from the other speakers. She’ll raise your delegates’ enthusiasm to an even higher level. She’ll make them laugh. But most of all, she’ll help them continue to benefit from the conference long after it’s over. That’s a promise!

And You will be the hero for giving them such a great conference, and the rousing closing keynote that makes them

Now Go DO It!