Feet on the Pedals



In this fun, provocative, ultimately uplifting and motivational keynote, Helen Wilkie uses the metaphor of riding a bicycle to illustrate what can happen when you take your feet off the pedals of your life.
Doing this on an actual bike results in loss of momentum, then loss of balance and finally falling off the bike and having to start all over again.
Doing it with your life can result in stalled careers, lost business, damaged relationships and other life challenges.
  • see the upcoming bumps in the road that might tempt them to put their feet down
  • know when it’s OK to coast
  • understand the value of self-reliance in keeping the ride smooth
  • learn to keep their eyes on the road ahead and make sure they get where they want to go
  • use the Feet on the Pedals principle to get the important things done every day and stop wasting time on trivia
  • recognize when the ride is a pleasure and when it’s a struggle, and what to do about it

“You do not know how much you have just helped me. You see, I work full time and have a family. I am also taking classes at our local community college. Did I mention, I am a very proud grandma? This summer I decided that I would take a heavier load of classes. By doing this, I can then graduate next May. I am two weeks into this eight week session. I know that I can do it, but it’s keeping me busy.

Your message about keeping your feet on the pedals was just what I needed to hear, so thank you. You know, others may need to hear this too.” — Kay Olsen, Ellettsville, Indiana

This keynote is for anyone who ever faced challenges in their professional or personal lives — and haven’t we all? Whether they’ve ever ridden a bike or not, everyone in your audience will relate to the fun of the cycling metaphor as well as the relief of knowing they can get back on the bike and back on the road to where they want their lives to be.

All they need to do is keep their Feet on the Pedals!

More information and 10-minute video at Keep Your Feet on the Pedals